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Tour in Rehearsals

A Pleasance Scratch

4th June 2016

We're currently developing our 2017 project "The Weaker Sex" with the help of the Pleasance Theatre Islington. An extract of the play will be showcased at "A Pleasance Scratch" at the theatre on 13th June at 7:30pm. 

Some of the big questions we're trying to explore are male and female expectations when it comes to flirtation as well as how we can define consent when the events take an unexpected turn.

In the snippet below Tyler tries his best to woo Amy, a woman he's never met before, at a bus stop.

If you have any questions or comments about the scene or the debates underpinning the work then please do comment below!

Arts Council Success!

2nd June 2016

After a day in the rehearsal room we were delighted to celebrate the fabulous news that we have been awarded our first Arts Council grant to help us tour our two one act plays "Jekyll & Hyde" and "Nerve"

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