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Touring theatre is a tremendously expensive activity for small- and mid-scale young companies, and many of those who manage it do so only by depressing wages, hiking ticket prices so much that they exclude the less well off, and committing to an unsustainable business model so that even if audiences like their work they'll probably not have the chance to see it again for many years to come.


Reverend currently receives no regular public subsidy, and the scale of what we can do therefore depends to no small extent on the generous support of donors. A donation need not be large to have a measurable effect on a production. For example, just £5 enables us to print 15 posters or 120 flyers – and if just one of them sells a ticket, that donation triples in value and the company is three times as grateful for it! Actors don't come cheap either, but Equity, the actors' union, sets the standard minimum rate of pay at £88 per day – a steal at twice the price for the talent we work with. Fuel, insurance and overheads aren't exciting, but they're just as fundamental as the performers to producing theatre, and we're thoroughly grateful for any support we receive in allowing us to keep the lights on and the wheels turning.


Thank you to all our generous supporters over the years. It is no exaggeration to say that we wouldn't be here without you.

The Reverend Team x

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