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Jekyll & Hyde / Nerve

Exhilarating and modernist. Superb writing from Charlie Howitt.

Brilliant contrast in performances and characters. Two very different stories, yet equally as intriguing.

Paired with a dissonant opening track and useful sound effects to benefit the performance, both pieces were all about the clever and naturalistic writing

Beautiful and devastating scenes between Ellie, portrayed by Charlie Howitt and her brother Simon, played by Jack Govan, showed the struggle they face every day and the never-ending love they will always have for each other. 

This performance sparked so many questions about morality and the rights and wrongs from each of their situations.

Portrayed by the same excellent actors [Nerve] was realistic and pure. The totally invested writing and performances from Charlie, Lee, Kate and Jack were to be admired.

Everything Theatre * * * *



Dracula (2014)



The cast are superbly in tune with one another, making the many little moments of friendship and awkward socialising in the opening scene funny and relatable.

This, of course, makes the rest of the play, as chaos prevails, all the more shocking.



The realistic portrayal of the characters at the start is what stops Dracula from feeling like another vampire story and gives this production its edge.


As Lucy, the main character, descends into madness, infidelity or vampirism, as you care to interpret, themes of mental illness, addiction and the supernatural are explored in turn.


Mesmerising throughout.


Oxford Culture Review

* * * *



Praise for the Company

“The originality of the scripts, the truth in performance and the dedication of this young company are extraordinary.”

Mike Bradwell.

Founder of Hull Truck 


"The company is already generating an exciting reputation for bold, high quality new writing"

James Haddrell.

Artistic Director of The Greenwich Theatre


“Reverend are certainly one to watch.

Their work is exceptional.”

Melli Bond.

Creative Director of The Park Theatre



In the Kingdom of the Blind (2013)




“An uncomfortably real and believable experience. Ultimately, this is a delight to watch”


“Portrayed in an ultra-naturalistic manner, these characters are utterly believable"

“The performance was exemplary. Brutally real and viscerally engaging, the play exposes you to the harsh realities of nature, both human and otherwise.”

Broadway Baby 

* * * *

“Gripping...A complex, well researched and thought-provoking piece of original writing”  

"Absorbing and clever" 

Ed Fringe Review

* * * * 


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