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Written by Charlie Howitt

This provocative social drama explores morality in contemporary Britain. Set in Slough in a block of flats, we follow Sam and the people in her life. Inspired by his bold, decisive approach to life Sam edges closer to Danny, but after a violent dispute with their neighbour she is left struggling to locate her moral centre. Her best friend Tess is overwhelmed by anxiety as she approaches the twenty-fourth week of her pregnancy and local policeman Greg is too lost rekindling things with his ex-wife to notice the neighbour in Flat B is missing. 

How can we ever know what is ‘right’? What if that comes at the expense of those we love? And where should the line be drawn between violence and apathy? Nerve is play about morality that doesn't moralise ‘a refreshing look at controversial ideas, written without judgment.


"A play about morality that doesn't moralise. It lets us do the brainwork"


"A refreshing look at controversial ideas written without judgment"

Audience feedback, The Park Theatre, 11.10.15


"A gripping piece that leaves you wanting more"

Tweet @AngelCornerTC - Oct 8


"Can't stop thinking about 'Nerve'"

Tweet @KatieHurley - Oct 8


"A must see" 

Tweet @ElizNich - Oct 8

Nerve will be touring alongside Jekyll & Hyde throughout September and October 2016. For more information see the link below.

2016 TOUR

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